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I am freelance graphic designer, animator and photographer.

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Deepak Bhagya

Personal info

Hasan Dafer Sahib

Born In Iraq, Baghdad

12 JUL 1990
+(90) 505 006 41 72


Know more about my past


  • 2016-2017

    Al Baraka Trip @ Graphic Designer

    Worked as a graphic designer with Al Baraka Trip company, responisable for thier daly trip ads also responsible for e-Ticket ads campaign.

  • 2011

    Al Mada @ Graphic Designer

    Was the executive assistant and the designer for Hiwar Sport and Narjes magazine.

  • 2009

    4D Design Studios @ Graphic Designer, Marketer

    Worked on the ads designs for The Ultimate Guide and also marketed it.


  • 2018-Currently

    Kadir Has Üniversitesi @ MBA

  • 2015

    Israa University @ Bachelor in Business Management

  • 2013-2014

    Quds College @ Diploma in Graphic Design


Iraqi Old Songs Posters

Christina Aguilera | Liberation | Album Package

Christina's latest album is a must check for sure, I love the production of the album a lot. I decided to go for a minimal style with the use of collage style. The black and white photographs really goes well with any color scheme.

Christina Aguilera | Lotus | Album Package

I never liked the original album cover for this album, I always thought it was cheesy looking, I didn't play much with the photos. I used Lightroom to fix lighting & adding more depth.

Starbucks | Logo Rebrand

I found this mermaid drawing while browsing online and was inspired to make a new Starbucks logo. I used the same color scheme for this project.

Katy B | Little Red | Album Package

Little Red is one of my favorite dance/garage albums. The cohesive sound of this album is what makes me love it a lot. Not a lot of artist do this anymore, where an album feels like a full loop. Mixed with a great vocal performance from Katy herself this album truly is a masterpiece. I never liked the original artwork for the album so I wanted to make it less simple and used a simple font with a hint of red-blue gradient to the color scheme overall to stay true to the original album cover.

Katy B | Honey | Album Package

Katy B is one of the most underrated artist in the music scene. Her last album Honey was a great follow-up after Little Red. She dived more into the genre of Garage and mixed it with more dance elements with many collaborations on it. I wanted to create something simple yet eye-catching hence the use of the color yellow and a bee.


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